Greetings to everyone,

Public speaking is a special art which requires many skills and abilities.Today,I wanted to share with all of you ,the core skills of any great public speaker.

Let’s try to develop on these skills and blossom as the most influential public speakers.


The content delivered during a speech should be researched properly.A good public speaker should be able to research  the given topic properly and come with useful content.


In order to deliver a great speech,having well-developed writing skills is essential.While writing a speech,we should use good vocabulary and grammar.A good speech should have a catchy introduction,and useful content.


A good public speaker organises his/her content in a logical order and then delivers it.This kind of an organised speech draws the attention of the audience,and clearly gives light on all aspects of the topic.


A good public speaker should have articulated speech.A good speech is one in which the pronunciations are correct,and the right tone is used while speaking.The loudness of the speech should also be taken care of.Each word said by the speaker should be easily understood by the audience.


A good speech is presented perfectly.Presentation style includes etiquettes of the speaker,well-groomed appearance of the speaker,and the style of presenting the content.A speech can be given either orally,or by using the help of visual aids like power point presentations.A good public speaker has the capability of  selecting the perfect presentation style to display the content which fits the needs of the audience.


“The best thing you can wear is confidence.”The audience always likes a confident speaker.Confidence is the most important trait that is required to be a great public speaker.


It is the most important skill of this list.A good public speaker always believes in the message he/she is spreading.A good public speaker always shares his/her views in a passionate way.He/she actually enjoys giving the speech and delivers it with the most interest and belief .This is the kind of speech that usually influences the audience.




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Greetings to all of you, Welcome to my blog. While running this blog,my aim is to help all of you become great and confident speakers.Join me on this journey to be one of the most confident,great speakers in this world.

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